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As youve seen recently ive been focusing on the GC and the story behind SFAW over the past few weeks. Well ive got some more details for you on how the GC will play out. The first chapter isn't in yet hense its chapter 0. Also for osme insane reason the GC itself has this odd bug that displaces the GC core art. If anyone knows of this issue and how 2 fix it let me know lol. Also all heroes only have on life. Once killed they will not come back.

Ch0 - Halo
You start with earth and need to spread out to the other earth colonies (plant list undecided atm). Once you have all of them you will be able to build all the UNSC ships and have all the UNSC Heroes. At this point if ur crazy you can take on the boss. OR you can continue into Coventant teritory and take out the covenant. Once you have all the covenant planets captured you gain there heroes and there ships unlock
Ch0 - Boss
The boss for this level is undecided atm, but i have a few models in mind, none of which u know about, and none of which ill tell u about :p

Ch1 - Stargate (the current starting point)
You start with Earth, and move off into the stargate universe and capture all the planets (again as u take out a "faction" of the enemy you gain there ships and heroes). I suggest taking down the Goauld then the Ori, do pegasus then take on the Asgard. In the end build ur fleet ur first boss awaits you
Ch1 - Boss - ID4
This has 6 fully armed ID4 motherships... and they will smash your fleet... sort of

Ch2 - Battlestar (Active in GC)
You start taking on the colonies. And they will fight back, so u need to defend yourself as you take them. Once you have the 12 colonies you get there heroes and buildable ships. Same with the cylons
Ch2 - Boss - Daleks
Total 40 dalek saucers stnad in your way. Hint the BSG are good agaisnt them where the gate ones are not

Ch3 - Starship Troopers (inactive in GC)
Same as the other factions but they wont activly counter attack. In the battles if u play them through they will be active, but they dont build anything new, or attack back. As with all other areas once u have claimed all the planets to a set faction (human or bug) you gain access to there ships and heroes
Ch3 - Boss - Farscape
The boss for this level is 32x Peacekeeper Command Cruisers and 40x Vigilante destroyers. They pack a punch so ull need all of the BSG and SST ships since theyre strong against them

Ch4 - Star Trek (inactive in GC)
Just like SST its the same as the other factions except it wont counter attack or build ships. This doesn't mean planets are undefended, they are heavily defended. Same deal as other factions as well, once u have all of say the federations planets you get there ships and heroes, same with borg, romulans, klingons, cardassians and dominion... i think thats all of them lol
Ch4 - Boss - Mass Effect
Not coded in yet. But i was thinking of 100x SSV Frigate, 30x SSV Cruisers, 50x turrian Cruisers and XXV normandy for shits and giggles.

Ch5. Star Wars (active in GC)
Like battlestar Star wars is active in GC and will contest planets. mind you by this point ur fleet is so bug you should be albe to wipe them out quickly enough
Ch5 - Boss - Timelords
Ok, still working on its power, but its probably going to be The Nightmare Child, with some of the other factions ships in support, sort of like a mirror timeline clash or something. So done be surprised if u find urself on the wrong side of a black hole or an asgard beam weapon, because all bets are off

Once you have all the planets in the GC you win. I want it to be once you destroy the nightmare child and i know theres a way to do it, but i cant think of it lol

the downside to doing the GC this way is that it can only be played as one faction. The reason behind this is the AI does not limit itself to planets like the code tells it to. And since ive added rebel (stargate) into each factions affiliation it means that if i start it as... say.. star wars then all manner of ships will be in the gates section of the map. Ive tried to resolve this, but i cant. Sorrry, its just the way things are

Also im looking for anyone with gc coding experience to help me, so PM me if u think ur up to it

Other than that i hope that sounds cool

Again keep an eye on facebook for updates as i do the work and some inside goss
Sci-fi At War



WHY ARE WE STILL WAITING!? nagg, nagg, nagg...

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Spinobreaker Author

lol, its ok... some of u have worked out the hidden code revealing the release date... its in there just keep looking

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Really!? Could u give a hint as to where it is....maybe?

btw, I like how this is setup, but how do u expect me to win against the Ancients and that overkill Ancient ship with those drones!?

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sounds awsome. good luck with it all

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Does this mean Mass Effect isn't a playable faction in GC?

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Spinobreaker Author

no its just a boss

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Does it come out on the 25th of a certain month?

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Spinobreaker Author


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D942 Online

well idk what the release date is but i hope you estimated when it will come out right

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