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An overview of the starting units, events and alliances, subfactions, heroes and planets in the second GC of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

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I'm getting close to the first release of the mod. Here's an overview of another GC that will be in the first pack. This GC covers the events of the Dark Tide books, up to the Battle of Ithor.

'25 ABY: Dark Tide'


New Republic (and Imperial Remnant allies)- Ithor

Yuuzhan Vong (and Mandalorian Protector allies) – Sernpidal Graveyard

Imperial Remnant*Yaga Minor

*An emergent faction.


Dubrillion, Destrillion, Ithor, Dantooine, Rendezvous Point*, Belkadan, Helska IV Graveyard*, Sernpidal Graveyard,* Navpoint: Presfbelt*, Ciutric, Ketaris, Orinda, Wistril, Garqi, Morishim, Generis, Gravlex Med, Dathomir, Borosk, Yaga Minor, Birgis, Bimmiel, Agamar

*space only.


In this Galactic Conquest the New Republic will face heavy pressure in the Outer Rim worlds, and must try and blunt the Yuuzhan Vong advance into the Mid Rim. There are several optional event-driven storylines in the GC, with different stories for each faction depending on what happens in the GC.

The New Republic can choose to pursue an alliance with the Imperial Remnant. If they send an emissary to the Empire, Pellaeon will spawn along with a force of Star Destroyers, and they will gain access to the Imperial tech tree from Borosk, where the Imperial forces are staging. If Pellaeon dies in battle, however, the Imperial Remnant will fall into a civil war. Moff Flennic seizes control of the Remnant from Yaga Minor, and Moff Saretti leads a small exile force to continue the alliance with the New Republic and defend the Galaxy from the invasion.

If playing as the Vong, Pellaeon’s death triggers a Vong takeover of Imperial Remnant space, with Ambassador Yarmond (a Yuuzhan Vong agent posing as an Imperial politician) and Commander Devry (a collaborator, from the Invasion comics) taking power in Yaga Minor.


New Republic: Traest Kre’fey (BAC Ralroost), which spawns Gavin Darklighter’s Rogue Squadron (XJ X-wings); Urias Xhaxin (Nebulon-B Free Lance); Uwlla Lillor (Immobiliser-418 Corusca Rainbow); Aril Nunb (VSD-I Protector); Jacen Solo; Luke Skywalker (XJ X-wing); Captain Rimsen (VSD-I Corusca Fire); Lando Calrissian (Lady Luck); Corran Horn (XJ X-wing); Leia Organa Solo.

If the Imperial Remnant alliance is formed: Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon (ISD-II Chimaera), which spawns Colonel Jagged Fel and Force Spike (Clawcraft).

If Pellaeon is killed: Moff Ephin Sarreti (Procursator SD Renewal).

Yuuzhan Vong: Shedao Shai (Grand Cruiser Legacy of Torment); Deign Lian; Boba Fett (Slave One).

If the Vong kill Pellaeon: Ambassador Yarmond; Commander Devry (ISD-I).

Imperial Remnant: Moff Flennic (Secutor SD Obdurate).

Special Units

In addition to their usual roster, each faction has units unique to a particular planet, scenario or campaign.

New Republic: Destrillion provides access to three Escort Carriers as starting units, and three squadrons of TIE Hunters can be salvaged from Destrillion. Dubrillion starts with the Belt Runner station and provides access to Y-Ties, X-Ceptors and Tough and Savage Ugly squadrons. They begin with an old Trade Federation Lucrehulk, the Lost Hope, which is stripped of its weapons but has a powerful self-destruct.

If the alliance with the Imperial Remnant is secured, the New Republic gains access to their space and land build roster from Borosk. They can also build Clawcraft from whichever planet Pellaeon (and thus Jagged Fel) orbits.

Yuuzhan Vong: Can recruit Mandalorian Commandos and Crusader-class corvettes wherever Boba Fett is in orbit.

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i want it all; and i want it now! amazing

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Not long! I’m only releasing these overviews for finished GCs.

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