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We are pleased to announce that our latest project has just started its first stage of financing, which is the Patreon.

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A few hours ago, the financing campaign for "Gates OF Ruined Empire" was launched. The game for which the Dark Oath Games was created. We would like to invite all fans of the real-time strategy to get acquainted with the project and, if you consider it appropriate, support it.

Details of the project can be found on its official site on Patreon (link here). Nevertheless, I will try to make your life easier and describe some of its key aspects.

Main assumptions of the gameplay:

  • There are three main factions in the game world: Empire, Fallen, and Necromancers. These factions do not have a rigid racial division, that's why representatives of races of people, elves or dwarves can be found in all three factions. Of course, each of these factions has its own characteristic units. For example: Fallen - a bestiary of demons, Necromancers - all kinds of undead.
  • Gameplay is based on expansion and fortifications to take over new areas. Much more emphasis is placed on strategies and tactics than on the arcade aspects of RTS, like unit juggle.
  • The long-term goal of the game is to provide online entertainment for players, which is why the great emphasis of game design is on the gameplay balance and its visual aspect of battles. Everything will be supplemented with a satisfying ranking system, rewarding the player's commitment and achievements.
  • The game world is complex and extensive fantasy world aimed at an adult audience. Each element had its own history and was deeply rooted in the culture of the world. Therefore, our goal is not only to create a game that looks good visually. But the game where every detail will be motivated historically, culturally or religiously.
  • An extensive combat system that allows the player to individually approach each encounter by adapting their forces. Each change in the unit's parameters results in a modification of its appearance. Thanks to this, the player at the first encounter knows what improvements the opponent has.


Current project status:

At the moment the game is at a very early stage of design. Everything that could be done by one person was done. The aim of the Patreon campaign is to raise funds to employ specialists who can focus on the audiovisual design of the project. However, from the programming side, we are already quite advanced. Here are some examples:

  • Basic game mechanics such as fraction handling, unit diversification, basic building maintenance.
  • Artificial intelligence support for unit management.
  • System for modifying and strengthening units
  • Basic control methods
  • Modular battle dependence tree
  • Landscape management and its impact on the combat properties of units
  • Foundations of artificial intelligence behaviors

Front knee

Graphics and sound design:

The basic assumption of the project is the lack of compromises. Our goal is to create a game in the full sense of the word, not an undercooked turkey.

The picture of the centurion you see on the promotional materials of the game is actually a screenshot of the unit made on the game engine. It should give you an idea about the graphic design of the project. Regarding the musical and sound setting, the matter is still open, but we will do our best to make it satisfactory.



Additional financing in the form of Patreon will help us significantly accelerate the work on the game. Therefore, I cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with what has already been done and support us, whether financially or through promotion.

Okay, people. Let's do it! :)

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