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We have launched Gates of Horizon on Kickstarter! Lead your space corporation to success, support our project and get unique rewards.

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This is the most important Gates of Horizon's news ever since: our project is now live on Kickstarter!

After more than 1 year of development we have been able to build a prototype of the MMORPG we have always dreamt about.
We love what we have achieved, but we want to complete it, allowing everyone who loves sci-fi and multiplayer games to enjoy the full game experience.

Unique rewards

Money from Kickstarter backers will allow us to focus 100% on Gates of Horizon, and we have also created an amazing set of rewards to thank you. There are many unique (and limited!) items.
Every Kickstarter backer will also have early access to Alpha / Beta releases. You won't regret it!

Check out Gates of Horizon project on Kickstarter: this is our dream and we really need your help to make it real.

New Tactical Map Preview

Thanks for your support: it's now time to spread the world and talk to your friends about Gates of Horizon!


Looks very interesting so far, but id like to see more of the space battles and possibly some of the effects you mentioned in your video in regard to how the player can impact the game universe. Also a little info about the game mechanics would be helpful e.g how will the player increase in experience would it be via the traditional method or perhaps by technology tree etc ?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes from England


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Hi Lucious!

Thanks for your feedback.

In the next days we will release other updates and gameplay videos, and we will cover more about agent skills, ship fitting and space fight among the other things. We will also publish a draft of the core rules and mechanics on the GOH site very soon.

Regarding the experience advancement: every Agent has a fixed amount of Character Points to allocate in various skills on the skill tree, and to raise a skill level he must spend (consume) the right amount of the right type of XP (between 4 different types). Many action (killing ships, mining asteroids, crafting, trading, etc) will give some XP of the relative type to the Agent or Agents performing the action. i.e.: if three Agents are on a ship that kills an enemy vessel, they all get some Warfare and Pilot XP, and if an Agent completes a crafting operation he will get some Crafting XP. The player, representing the Corporation CEO, will earn 10% of total Agent gain (for any type of XP) as Leadership Xp, that will determine the Corporation level and the number of Agents that can be hired (up to 20).

Note that Gates of Horizon is not completely finished, and we're still open to suggestions and feedbacks to further improve (or even completely change, if worth it) our game mechanics, and KS backers will have a privileged channel for this.


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