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Gate II patch 2 Fixing alot of the errors reported by gamers

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The first error corrected by this patch is invulnerability that some have been experiencing from the mars maps onwards..

The second error corrected by this patch is a texture problem with a truck..

The Third error corrected is Anna Appearing out of thin air in one of the Uboat Maps..

A New HUD has been added to The Gate II

This Patch also makes the first 3 maps easier for the player after reports by players it was too difficult


Unzip the file and drag all the folders in the patch into your Gate II and on prompt overwrite your existing map files already in there..


C J Beattie

The Gate II


Awesome! That truck level was insanely difficult, not because of the bullets, but the ingame clutter. I don't know if others have reported this but before the patch (and possibly after) barrels and other ragdoll stuff would clip through the vehicle and kill me more than anything else. Also where is that M16 shown in the screenshots? All I have are default HL2 weapons, have I just not progressed far enough?

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cjb Author

the new patch should sort the first levels out with its difficulty problems. also a wee bit of clutter has been removed or moved.. A weapons pack should come in the next weeks when we get everything else sorte dout.

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I'm exited for that weapons pack! It's always good to have new things to shoot with.

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