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Gandalf comes. Let's make a overwive about Gandalf.

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Gandalf Overview

Yüzüklerin Efendisi Dizisine Kadın Gandalf Önerildi – Kayıp Rıhtım

As you now, Gandalf a hero for Dwarves and a hero for campaign.And now let's make an overview about him

Gandalf have a lots of abilities. There are;

Level 1: Friend of Bilbo

Bilbo gains % 50 armour while nearby Gandalf (PA(Passive Ability))

Level 2: Master Work Fireworks

Throws a firework to targeted area.

Level 5: Blazing Pinecons

Gandalf bombardment targeted area with flammeble pinecons.

Level 7: Glamdring (If he have because glamdring, Orcrist and Sting is a item in game.)

Gandalf throws a lightning to a location.

Level 10: Messenger of the Clouds' Gathering

Gandalf deliveres nearby enemies a mega shocwave. (Like "Word of Power". But there is a slowly cloud gathers.)

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