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We try out the newly updated Orion and Ragnarok Arena

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Welcome to the Social Modding Club, we are a group of gamers that play all the great online mods which sometimes don't have huge user bases. Please join or track the group, enjoy the events, and post your own events and gaming requests in the forum. I have also setup a Steam group that will mirror the gaming events posted here to help bring more gamers together. Below you will find information about the upcoming events for this weekend:

Date: Saturday, June 5th 2010
Time: 2pm until 5pm EST
Mod: Orion
Download: LINK

Orion is a total conversion of the Orange Box engine that immerses players in fast paced tactical online muliplayer gameplay. It includes tons of features like iron sights, reflex scopes, bullet penetration, melee attacks, weapon firemodes and classes with different load outs and performance. With over 17 weapons and 7 gorgeous maps, there is a ton of content to check out and enjoy. They just released their highly anticipated update to Beta 1.2 so please join in the fun. The developers will be playing this Saturday at the same time as our usual gaming event on Saturdays!

Server: IGN / Trinity Game Servers
PORT: 27018

US Pacific: 11am
US Central: 1pm
US Eastern: 2pm
London: 7pm

Date: Sunday, June 6th 2010
Time: 2pm until 5pm EST
Mod: Ragnarok Arena
Download: LINK

Ragnarok Arena is a sidescrolling multiplayer shooter developed on the Source Engine. It features adrenaline-fueled arcade action with players blowing each other to bits with various weapons all on a 2D plane. This just received a huge update that basically overhauled the entire mod with a new custom-tuned control scheme for the keyboard and mouse. So please join in and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

DOLBYdigital Author

JOin in the fun with Ragnarok Arena

Server: Ragnarok Arena Public Development Server

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