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A breakdown of Key of Ethios' gameplay describing the three sections the game is broken into

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In Key of Ethios, gameplay is broken down into three sections: The World Map, Levels, and Towns/Cities.
As you may have figured, the World Map is used to travel throughout the lands, and accessing the various settlements and levels.
The levels consist of a combination side-scrolling and third-person for certain rooms. Each level usually has a different focus, such as solving puzzles, combat, exploration, or a combination of either of the three. Our three heroes each have a different set of skills that they can use to traverse the levels and the obstacles that they present. The same amount of strategy is necessary when dealing with most enemies and bosses as well. As such, switching between them is key to success.
Towns and such are presented in an isometric view. When visiting these places, you can walk about and speak with the populace, purchase items from shops, and maybe discover a secret or two.

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