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A rundown on Key of Ethios' weapon smithing system

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In Key of Ethios, there are three ways to acquire weapons: Finding them in the world, purchasing them in stores, and having them forged at a smithy.

When enemies are defeated, they may drop ores and gem fragments. These are used as materials when having a weapon forged. The ores serve as the basis of the weapon, and are necessary, while the gem fragments add bonus attributes and the like, and are optional. If you've collected enough materials, you can go to a smithy and have a weapon made.

Both materials and smiths are divided into classes: D, C, B, A, and S. The higher the class, the rarer they are. The material's class determines the strength and attributes of the weapon, while the smith's class determines what materials they can use. For example, a B-class smith can use materials of B, C, and D-class, but not A or S-class.

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