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Detectives! We're glad to inform you the latest branch of free skins is now available on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store!

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We're glad to inform you the latest branch of free skins is now available on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store!

This time, we would like to present three additional characters, each with a unique set of skills (allocated aspects) that influence the branching path during the gameplay. Let us briefly introduce to you Kyle, Zaya, and Tasha!

Kyle - Con Artist

Walktel not ringing? Email inbox empty apart from advertisements for enlarging your… IQ? For someone like Kyle, the term "unemployment" doesn't appear in the dictionary. If there's no case to crack, he'll make one happen, creating demand for his own services. Some would say it's pragmatic and smart, but some call it questionable. Unethical, even.

So the goal is to make it all look natural, create circumstances no one would question, set up the dominos in the right place and knock them over at the right time. Kyle knows how to handle that – extortions, forging evidence, and believable acting in front of a judgmental audience are in his blood. He transferred his Low City experience into sensory worlds. He's a magician of virtualia, able to turn invisible or make everyone aware of his presence when needed.

Being a con artist on the streets of Low City was fun and profitable enough when he was a kid. But with time, it all became too easy, and he needed a new level of complication. So he started learning how to code, hack, and find potential holes in software. He's become a puppet master in his own virtual little theater. He pulls the binary strings and creates the reality he wants.

Are you ready to join him? Because it's hacking time.

Zaya - Zealous Hunter

Zaya was born in a cult. Raised in the Biodome in fear of sin and convinced that the end is nigh, she grew up to be a pious teenager. Her cleverness and zeal made her a good candidate for a future leader… until she discovered corruption among her elders.She was just a kid, self-righteous and hot-headed. She didn't play it right, and she lost.

Accused of heresy and the same corruption she discovered, she was banished from her home. She tried to take her family with her – mother, father, seven sisters – but they all turned away from her.Not knowing the outside world, she ended up in Low City. She saw filth and sin with her own eyes, but she also saw friendship, loyalty, love, and most importantly – freedom.

Nothing embodied this freedom quite like virtualia did. Thousands of worlds where you could be anyone and do anything.When she found out people were committing crimes there, she was furious.

When she learned there was a job that let you hunt people who committed these crimes – she was sold.

Tasha - Streetwise Artist

When growing up in Low City, either you're disillusioned about the prospects of your future, or you dream big. Tasha Diaz belongs to the first group – no expectations means no disappointments.Since she was sixteen, Tasha has been playing in the bars and nightclubs of Low City. Being a DJ in this pitiful part of Warsaw City wasn't the most lucrative way to earn money, but it was fun and had one solid perk – getting along with the clubs' owners. It allowed her to gain private access to the couches and helmets, and the virtual worlds became a pleasant distraction from the dark streets and dusty bars.

It's also where she encountered a gamedec for the first time in her life. Tasha was observing him, knowing how to blend into the background after years of watching the clubs' denizens, and started cracking the case on her own. She solved the mystery, unraveling the gamedec's scam in the process. But Tasha chose not to take that information to the client. Instead, she met with the gamedec, who offered her serious money to keep her mouth shut. And an internship.As the bills don't pay themselves, Tasha accepted the deal. Soon, the DJ job turned into part-time, mainly for blowing off Steam, and the gamedec work was her main source of income.

There were no noble reasons behind the decision and no pure aspiration to do good and help people.Tasha found she had a particular talent for this line of work – scheming, pretending, observing. And she likes it.

We apologize again for the delays in the publication of the following packs. We worked closely with the Steam Support team to make them possible as soon as possible. We hope the new characters will give you a fresh look while investigating various virtual worlds.

Till the next time! Gamedec Team

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