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New lightmapper, micro hiatus explained & extra stuff

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Right, so. I apologise for the 2nd time for the long silence, i had other shit to deal with so i was preoccupied for the entirety of 3 to 4 months. I know i promised the demo and that hasint been released (because i was busy) so much of any progress hasint been made with the demo so far. Sorry.

Aight, bad news out of the way. Got something intresting in the works, progressive lightmapping (Yay, something i should've been using anyway but neglected to test anything in unity before hand but yaay). Yea, im gonna try and use progressive lightmapping for the time being because its just so much better than enlighten. Now dont get me wrong, enlighten has its perks that farely outweigh progressive lightmapping, but the load times and the useability makes it far more accessible to use while building levels. So in the future, more screenshots that i release will use this lighting pipeline.

Right, extra stuff. So i've been trying over the past couple of weeks to install linux right aloneside windows so i can finally port my game to it, before hand with different projects i've made, i always never used any other os's besides linux and have been building projects on linux right up until 2014 which is when i converted over to windows so i could use other software only available for that platform. But since i liked linux so much i've been wanting to port projects to it but its becoming increasingly difficult because i can't just blindfold compile my projects like i used to (for various reasons). So thats also why i've been absent, you can blame my ever so dieing passion to get my game working on an os i dont even have installed :P

So yeah, multiplatform support will be considered aswell. (If i have the time)

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