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Quick update on somethings that need to be addressed...

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Quick update on somethings that need to be addressed real quick, the date for this game has been pushed back to 2018-2019 date, becuase finishing it in 2017 wont be happening, still got alot of stuff to polish before a retail game can be considered! (ps might be pushed back to 2020 if im experiencing issues!)

also, im thinking of creating mabye a press kit or a tech demo for play in the coming future to get some insight on critism. Just note that the game is not finished and if bugs were to occur please email me at!

last note, if you want to opt in a prodotype test of the game and bug test any mechcanics of the game that might be faulty, again please email me! (this is for getting exclusive access to the prodotype, public tech demo wont require you to email me!)

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