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Blue Bloke Turbo is finished! Here's the summary. Now with a Turbo button!and more

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Finally finished the game! Blue Bloke Turbo has 20 levels and I have fixed things people who play-tested didn't like. Such as the game being too frustrating and unfair.

New game mechanics, so now the player runs and jumps a bit more realistically. The biggest change to the platforming is the turbo button. It allows Blue Bloke to to reach them jump he never thought he could reach before.

The games goals now revolves around a scoring system. Which involves: Difficulty, Medals, coins and time. There are 3 difficulty settings and 3 different medals per level (Gold, silver or bronze).
So to get the highest score you have to collect the most amount of coins in the fastest time, getting a gold medal and in the hardest difficulty.

Hopefully i can now get the game on desura, I will upload a demo containing the first few levels. If it gets on desura. I think the full game will be pretty cheap.

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