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Here you can read about First Defender! Hurry-hurry!

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Hello there! today i tell you about the First Defender, Eidos Starkshield.
First, as you see, he wears a shield and iron glove (yes, its iron, like Marvels' Iron Man).
Eidos presents Defender (Tank) class of Defenderia. He is a classic MMORPG tank.

About skills:
1. First, you can use Iron fist to simple attack. Iron fist upgrades gain more DMG (Damage) and AP (Action Points)
2. Shield. You can use a shield for more DEF (Defense), but you lose all AP. Abilites cost is 6 AP (less than maximum Eidos AP). Upgrades gain more Health, Defense.
3. Provocation. Eidos provokes enemies and generates Agression.
4. Shield bash. With a small (better chance with upgrades) Eidos stuns all nearby targets and deals 0.5*DMG (on first ability level)
5. Counter Attack. Shield Bash, but without stun effect and can be activated after enemies hit. Cannot be activated more than 2 times in 1 turn (can be improved, of course! :]
6. Much more Armor! More defense against archer attacks, more defense when using Shield.

All abilites generates agression a bit.

Thats all, folks!

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