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1. 18 Heroes, 3 or 6 on start (need to decide). 6 heroes of each class: Defenders, Agressors and Engineers. Defender is a TANK, Agressor - DAMAGE DEALER, and Engineer is a SUPPORT (optional).

-Hello! Im Eidos Starkshield, the First Defender! I can provoke enemies by shouting bad words, can stun them with my red shield. I have Iron Fist, which i forged by myself, and its my strongest weapon.

2. 10 fantasy-set enemies: peasant, knight, archer and commander archer. paladin and commander paladin, bandit, tamplier, dark knight and mage. All with different abilities.
6 neutral monsters (non-set): wolf, panda bear, golem, wisp, kobold, ???. They have dangeroues abilites too, for example, wolf improves critical damage of all near wolves, and, if you find a pack, they can kill a hero in 1 turn. But NEUTRAL means that they never hit first, only after awakening. And if neutral monster wakes up, he wakes nearby monsters, be careful!

3. 20+ items to use, global items (massive) and personal. For example, i have a Cat item. If you pat the cat, your agression decrease. Or you can use razor and threat beardy heroes to improve their defense.

4. Grounds and traps. Ground is a good places, which gives to heroes any good effect, like +AP or +HP. Cooldown is 2 turns (always) and buff duration is 1 turn. Traps mean bad places, which can decrease AP regeneration per turn, or damage heroes. Cooldown is 1 turn, but must be no hero on a trap.

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