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This is a back story I made for 8th legion. Its telling a basic story of why they are going to war what motivates them etc.

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Back Story8th legion is derived from 7th legion an old Rts game that has inspired me to create a 3rd person shooter based on their universe. 8th legion picks up after the war between the 7 legions and the Chosen. After the Chosen's main fleet leaves in shambles the remnants of the one's left behind hide high up in mountains fortify their position. The 7 legions soon after began fighting each other over their old hatred and disagreements. To one battalion this is not what they wish coming from all the tribes they decided to forge a new legion called the 8th legion and their goal is to unite all the people as one and bring order to a world in chaos. Soon after their formation they realize that all the chosen have not been purged from earth and they have to do that in order to gain trust of some of the smaller legions. So they mount up for war against this threat known as "The Righteous Empire". The empire has been nit picking the smaller tribes outposts and settlements to gain strength. Since food is in short supply since most of the worlds food synthesizers have been destroyed during the Great War. 8th Legion must first gather vital cropland from a neighboring settlement since soldier's best fight when fed. So not only does 8th legion have to fight enemies of the old but make new ones by attacking others for food supplies since the settlement is not very diplomatic. The settlement has been around for eons and has kept to themselves even during the Great War. They are a mysterious tribe and will shot on site. They posse's strange technology and have great defenses to keep others out of their territory, their most vital land is their crop fields wheat, corn, and other crops vital to their survival. 8th legion has a armor group known as IronHeads they lead the main assault of the settlements food supply along with them is conscript soldiers from small towns lightly armed with rifles and barely trained and starving so they have nothing to lose everything to gain.


thats awesome

i would do the same but a little different

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bocomarine Author

well its just the backstory for 8th Legion doesnt have to be epic or perfect but there has to be a cause, reason, and then action. They cant simply be there to be there ahahahah

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