First introduction and description of the game Crucified

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The game is called “Crucified”. It is a network-based multiplayer horror game for two players. One player plays as the survivor and the other one becomes the monster. The goal of the survivor is to find and destroy all artifacts which can be found all around the map at special locations. The monster dies when all artifacts are destroyed so the the monster has to kill the survivor before it’s to late for him.


A beautiful tropical island at night is the showcase for this game. The map consists of beaches, small dense jungles and caves. A lot of hours has been spent to design this world. The following screenshots show some places on the map. But feel free to explore the world yourself.

The monster

The monster has to kill the survivor by throwing fireballs at him. The monster also can not see the artifacts due to tactical reasons but he has one special skill: Every 30 seconds the monster can see where the player is for a few seconds.

The survivor

In order to survive the game the survivor has to destroy all artifacts which can be found all around the map. The survivor only has a headlamp to light the world if necessary. The artifacts are magical crosses which can not be seen by the monster. The survivor has to pick them up and has to throw them into the ruins container which also can be found all around the map. But only one artifact can be destroyed in one ruin. The following screenshot shows such as ruin already with an destroyed cross (artifact).

Got interested and want to play the game?

Here is the trailer I made one week ago. The video shows some gameplay scenes

Here you can download the latest release!

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