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Galaxy at War is a multiplayer space RTT/RTS designed to be about wits, tactical decisions and smart territory control rather than tech trees, powering economy or APM. Now we need help determining whether we've hit that goal. gameplay demo is available for download and we're asking for help to test whether the game is fun!

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We're calling for help with testing the first public pre-alpha demo of Galaxy at War!

Galaxy at War is a prototype of a multiplayer sci-fi real time tactics/strategy game. It's meant to be all about tactical decisions rather than tech choices, research trees or reflex. We’re aiming for simple mechanics relying on player choice to build complexity. Think real-time checkers, or (dare we compare ourselves to it) chess in space. What we currently have is a very early prototype, we’ve been iterating solely on game mechanics until now (so excuse the quality of art, GUI, usability etc).


We'd like to ask for feedback to see if it's enjoyable or promising, if it's worth pushing through with the concept: what to improve, what to add and what to throw out, how to evolve the game to provide a simple ruleset but allow for rich tactical possibilities.


Test builds of the game can be downloaded here:

Inside each .zip you’ll find a Game Cheat Sheet PDF. It’s REALLY handy, as we have no in-game help whatsoever and things can be slightly confusing in the beginning;)

One last, very important thing: the game is 1v1 Player vs Player only (for now, we didn't want to waste time implementing AI with mechanics not fixed yet;)), you can’t play it solo! Feel free to share it with your friends, or point them to this page! Set up a match and play a few games.

And please don't forget to share feedback!


I'd love to try this, but nobody seems to be on the multiplayer so can't really test out the interface or anything.

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qoobah Author

That's true, and the reason is we're making this demo available publicly for the first time ever - simply not enough people know about the game:) Your best bet would be to send the link to a friend who might also like the game and set up a match with him/her.

We know it's an inconvenience, and we apologize for that, but we simply didn't want to dedicate time to building an AI when up until recently we were changing the mechanics around. That would mean each time we changed something in the game systems, we would have to re-code the AI for that, and believe me, we were changing things A LOT;)

Not two weeks ago we've reached a point where we were more or less happy with the shape of the gameplay and we wanted to put out the demo as fast as possible, to gather feedback. AI is getting near the top of our todo list now;)

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