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This is an overview of all current features in Galactic Girls, my upcoming shoot em up game for android.

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Current features:

1.) Shop System

In here the player has the possibilty to upgrade the ship in different ways. Currently in are:

  • Basic Shot - Upgrade the shot thorugh 5 Tiers, 5 Upgrades per Tier
  • Missiles shot - Homing Missibles can be bought and upgraded here amount is same as Basic Shot

Also there are 3 kinds of Ship Upgrades at the moment:

  • Lives - you start with 1 Live and can get up to 5 here
  • Shield - you start with 0 but you can get up to 5 too
  • CoinMagnet - will drag the coins to the Player after buying and upgrading

There are 2 currencies in the game: Credits(C) and Cash Credits(CC). On some updates the player will have to use both currencies.

Note: "Save" and "Delete Save" Buttons will be deleted soon.

Galactic Girls - Passive Upgrades

When the game starts there will be a moving background, later textured and maybe with some effects added:

Galactic Girls - Start

2.) Enemys

Currently there a 4 Types of enemys designed(seen in the last article), not implemented yet. Currently i have still prototypes in the game, which will come in waves, and follow up a randomly choosen path, from 1 of 5 spawnpoints, randomly choosen too.

3.) Ingame GUI

Ingame the player will see top left corner health and shield, depending on the upgrades bought already. In top right are the currently collected currencies seen. The top middle holds the score. And in bottom left, is a notice at the beginning of each level in what level the player currently is. This Notice gets written in with a typewriter-kind effect, and gets invisible after 3 seconds.

Galactic Girls Ingame GUI

4.) Saving / Loading

I use a binary formatter to save and load data in a secure file. Works fantastic so far.

That's it for now, i hope i didn't forgot any infos, if so i'll edit the article or send them in the next post.

If you have any questions, ideas or anthing else, don't be shy and leave a comment. And watch this if you are interested in more Infos about Galactic Girls ;)

Until then, Cheers

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