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This week's dev log previous three brand-new rooms that can be built in your planetary outposts to enable crafting medical items, recruiting new crew members and producing energy.

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Dear players,

I published another small update today fixing an issue with calculating proper damage reduction for armors and minor adjustments to the calculation of firearm damage bonuses. Apart from that, I am looking forward to the Early Access of Galactic Crew II on 6th May! Thanks for all the lovely e-mails I got last week. I am still looking forward to any feedback!

The next content update will not only feature mutants as a new playable race, but also new rooms to boost your planetary colonies.

Fusion reactor

Fusion reactor

The fusion reactor is the first brand-new room for your colonies! Like solar arrays, fusion reactors produce energy to fuel your outposts. The main difference is the efficiency. While solar arrays produce a fair amount of 32 energy on a 2x2 grid, fusion reactors produce 192 energy on just a 3x2 grid. This enables construction of fairly compact and resource efficient outposts!

Chemistry lab

Chem Lab

You can already produce a wide range of items in your workshop, but the new chemistry lab adds a range of new items to the game that can only be crafted here! One of the newly added items is a Medpack that is expensive to craft, but enables you to resurrect fallen crew members in combat without the aid of a medic! You will also be able to craft Stimpacks to instantly heal a crew member to full health. There are more new items, but I don't want to spoiler them all.


Recruitment beacon

Recruitmean beacon

The third new room is a recruitment beacon which enables hiring new crew members in any of your outposts! Did you upgrade your small Artemis to a massive Zeus-class battleship and you need more crewmen? Build a recruitment beacon and fill your ranks!

Coming soon...

I will talk about new dungeon rooms next week. They are not only pretty, but they add all-new game mechanics to the game!

Stay tuned and please add the game to your wishlist!

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