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This week we got some in-game quality art down, and some programming details done to the level selection screen and save games.

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Hello, IndieDB community!

We welcome you again! Hope you all are doing well! To start off today's post, we have some eye candy to show you. This is some in-game quality art that is under development, and with which we made a little mock-up to see what it will look like in the level (without shadows).


This template was made with the following sprites:


We also took into consideration making groups of assets, in order to make it possible to piece them together in the deeper background, making it easier to fill the scene later in Unity's editor.


Moving on to the programming side of things! We made it possible for the player to have a "Continue" button on the main menu, which leads him to the most recently unlocked level, and a "Choose Level" button that leads him to the level selection screen, and a "Delete saved progress" in case the player decides to reset everything at start from scratch.


From the default menu above, to the menu with progress below


When selecting a level, there's an animation that adjusts the screen to focus on the level that appears most on the screen, as well as a hover animation.


This week we as any other week so far, we're proud to present more fun and awesome development to everyone! Everything is going firm and steady, and next week's post is looking to be fun deeper look into the enemies from what we can disclose right now.

That's all for this week, hope to see you in the next one!

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