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Hello ya'll! We've got some details here on where we plan to take Viscera Cleanup Detail.

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Greetings everyone!

So we've been taking the last week easy. Our brother is still recovering, so that will obviously delay work ;)
We've been spending some time solidifying the vision for the full VCD however, so we want to let you guys know where we want VCD to go. Here we go then :)


Alpha v0.12 screenshotsAlpha v0.1 screenshots

Central to the full game will be a selection of unique maps, each with their own premise/style/focus. Some example of these would be:

  • Medical Bay
  • Gravity Chamber
  • Infested Facility

Each of these areas would feature slightly different gameplay and approaches. The game is still about cleaning up each place, but each place brings with it a unique focus and differing challenges/mechanics.

Beyond that, we will be adding more mechanics and polishing up existing functions. Here is a brief list of some planned features:

  • A tool for picking up several cartridges at once.
  • Blood will take a little more than one "jab" to get rid of (could depend on size of splat).
  • Better interaction between hands and objects.
  • Fire mechanics (fires can be put out and can be started accidentally).
  • Alien infestation and tools to deal with it
  • Saw
  • Flamethrower
  • A radio.
  • Dead bodies.
  • Bullet holes and a tool to fix them.
  • Broken equipment and ways of repairing it.
  • Cataloging name-tags of deceased (more details on this down the line)
  • The possible addition of a cart. A wonky cart.

And we have a bunch of other ideas still, but we want to keep a few surprises ;)
Also, there will be considerably more fixes and polish applied to current aspects, such as physics syncing and "clocking-out".

Alpha v0.12 screenshots

And please don't forget to give us a 'Yes' vote on Steam Greenlight :)
Grab the latest releases of the free prototype alpha right here!

Thanks everyone, I hope this sheds some light on things :)


Interesting concept. Although I can't help but imagine a co-op twist to it, making it so that 2 cleaners need to work togheter and coordinate each other in a timely manner to clean the areas as fast as possible for time trials and limits.

Definitely voting on steam.

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I've backed this from the get go ;)

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this sounds amazing, i wont buy it as it is now, but as soon as I read the line "Cataloging name-tags of deceased (more details on this down the line)" i was sold, when that comes out, you tell me, ill buy 3 copies, so that 2 of my friends can enjoy the wonders of beign a janitor with out making risky life choices.

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