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The Future of the Imperium of Man mod and how it should proceed...

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Sorry for lack of updates or news ATM haha, I've been working on the mod and have implemented a lot of stuff but I'm just wondering what is the best way to deliver it.

So essentially I'm asking for what people prefer I do,

One option is to rerelease the mod somewhere in April as a Version 2 with optimisation and all the new units, AI etc I want to add (let's call this "In one go" method)

Second method is to release little patches constantly (like the Christmas patch).

A third idea could be releasing little patches but also work on rereleasing another version at the same time.

Anyway I'm asking for feedback on this one. If no one has any preference don't expect to see any patches anytime soon :P

-Imperium of Man Mod Team


I would go for the big package.

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Little patches, just because DoW mods that go with the "in one go" method have a tendency to never get released.

Witch Hunters, Demon Hunters, Thousand Sons, Ork mod, World Eaters, the list goes on.. All of them had amazing models and ideas and are now in limbo, the creators have gone off DoW but most of the Community refuses to use the models because "it's not right without the written permission from the original authors who will never show up...".

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DeltaValkyrie Author

That's a fairly decent point. Although I don't think I'll be disappearing anytime soon I can definitely understand where you're coming from lol. Alright looks like I'll have to do a bit of both maybe ... Both small patches and slowly work on the big one ... I'm planning to release a few chaos changes soon.

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I agree whit MasterN

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