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We are currently redoing our web presence to please the most part of you. It will be easier to overview what's going on.

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Hello guys

To ensure for you that we are still working as hard as never before on the mod, we will completly redo our pages on ModDB and That means more updates than ever before, plus we will use more things that are offered here, for example we will have so called features, they will inform you about certain mod-related topics in a quite chilled tone, bringing you closer to the developers.

To see what such a feature can look like, check out the first thing in that category and tell us if you like it.

nother useful overseeing tool for you will be the progress bar, we may put it on every image soon to see the amount of progess on that certain thing. Plus we will put it on every significant update post. This will ensure that you see how far that update brought us in development.

This one actually is calibrated to around 4-6% . This is what we are currently at. But dont be scared, since we have most things organized now we will have some major progress soon. Hopefully.

Never forget that we try to be as close to the potential gaming community as possible, if you
have questions, requests and feedback, do not hesitate to write them in the comments section either here or on the main page. We want to create a game that pleases you, therefore it is really useful to have your feedback.

Moreover we are currently planing to redo our website that is still hosted on a free sever, our current one is not state of the art, keep that in mind.

Enjoy browsing our stuff and keep an eye on the mod!

The Brothers War Source team

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