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Thanks to several cases of I-hate-you mail, I have to elaborate a few things regarding the previous news bulletin:

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Thanks to several cases of I-hate-you mail, I have to elaborate a few things regarding the previous news bulletin, but before I go off on this rant, realize that I am drunk and using HUMOR to tell you folks that I was making a funny:

1: I had 9oz of scotch and 20oz of coffee in me
2: I was being sarcastic
3: I was being facetious
4: I was exagerating a LOT like a master exagerator.
5: I was putting a funny spin (at least to my previously drunken self) to something very serious.
6: There will be some boobage, but thats about it as far it goes for sexual content. If you have a problem with that, I highly suggest you never leave your home, burn all of your Warhammer miniatures (Daemonettes, Slaaneshi Steeds, Beasts of Slaanesh, and Keeper of Secrets all have boobs, as well as several noise marines, cultists, etc), never watch television or a movie... you know what, boobs are everywhere... deal with it. There are HOW many BILLIONS of women on planet earth, which means that on average there is roughly DOUBLE BILLIONS of boobs on this planet. Really.
7: Gore will mainly consist of what you already see in STALKER, but with a bit more blood. As far as I know, the X-Ray engine doesn't support Gears of War or Dead Space style of gore. It is bloody impossible as far as I know. Not that I really care, I only care about the blood anyways.
8: I currently have 8oz of Wild Turkey 101 in me, and am drinking a can of Barq's Rootbeer. I am drunk and irritated by peoples lack of humor/tolerance.
9: We all need some brightness in our lives :)


Dude, Must of those people don't know what they are talking about. It's a Fricken Warhammer Mod!, Any one who has a problem with it, dos not know **** about Warhammer! This is a place to support modders, and what they are doing, not get upset about the given "world" or universe they chose to mod.

So really people.. Really. Grow up a bit.

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MeanderingBeing Author

I didn't- shush! (Monty Python joke)

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