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Another Monday update letting you know all things happening with Full Metal Combat.

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Full Metal Combat: Monday Update 04

Weekly Greeting:

Hello every one, sorry I have been absent of late but work has been insane so I have not had enough time to keep up with the social aspect of this project. How ever as of next week I will be taking some time off work so I can focus on some major development so you can look forward to the pace picking up for a bit. Most of my time has been spent on getting the Quest system closer to completion and starting to learn how to texture models (since I am a programmer). To aid me in that goal I have been watching a friend of mines Twitch channel so I can see how she does it and ask her questions. I still have a long way to go till I get to her level. If you are interested in watching how assets and textures are created I would suggest giving her channel a look in, I get a lot from it.

New This Week:

- Have WIP textures for 3 of the AAUs.
- You can now get quests by talking to people.
- Once you have completed a quest you will not be allowed back in the quest zone.
- I have made a credits page.

Whats On The Horizon:

- Time off work so I can focus more on the game.
- More new textures.
- More work on the skills system.

For More Information:

- Follow the project on


Thank you every one for your interest all questions and comments are greatly appreciated, looking forward to talking with you again soon. :)

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