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Outstanding Update Completed, AI and custom p-Shaders are here!

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A huge update completed today.
I have added win/lose conditions as well as AI companion KIM. I'll get into those shortly,
but first I wanted to go over the new and improved shader work.

With the current build there has been approximately 9 new post and geometry shaders added.
Covering weather effects to player death screen and everything in between. I've really only started
my journey into Shader-land as I was always a bit put off by learning how to create them.
These new shaders are hardly groundbreaking or highly advanced but they are filling a void
where I needed an effect on screen.

Thanks to havenphillip ( at UltraEngine ) for creating a very in-depth blog on shader creation
- I was able to pull of these basic effects.

Back to the game, -

AI Kim - A simple AIbot that does 'not so simple things' behind the scenes. Kim is a companion to
the player, she'll tell jokes during slow times, she'll alert you to situations ongoing, she'll hack the
source code and provide the player with a short time boost to skills such as speed, firing and even
extra lives!. Thus far she reacts to 12 different game events with more in the making. Stay tuned.

Win:Lose Scenarios:
A major part of the games win/lose scenarios has been completed and installed, I have created
more than 24 different scenarios that can be mixed and matched with each map to produce a win
scenario for that stage. As I get deeper into map making and the skill tree I'm certain more will follow.

Other than some polish to sound and tons of behind the scenes work, that's about it for
this update. I'm already well ahead on the next update, scheduled for next week.

Here's a short spoiler as to what is heading our way next:

-- Ship upgrades
-- Mech - ground combat.

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