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The new version of the mod will come with new tweeked Weapons for more realism and better gameplay, all very balanced and overtested like all HER versions.

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Here all the changes and what you will get with the new Frontlines Weapons...

1. Rate of Fire control of assault rifles (AK47, M16, M4, G3 e G36c) to all attachments with the exception of GL. To change to Auto/Single Shot use the key you use (or used) to Claymore/RPG/C4. In Single Shot all weapons are more precise.

2. With the key slot of Claymore/RPG/C4 beeing used to rate of fire, the Claymore/RPG/C4 are now like a third primary weapon, so to get them just hit 2 until get what you want. A nice tip is use also this bind:

/bind 1 weapprev

with that you will be able to rotate your weapons in both directions, reaching what you want faster. remember that by default 1 & 2 are configured as weapnext only.

3. All snipers have their range a lot more powerfull, but the penetration was removed. With the new ACOG which is a LOT better than the old one, will put your weapon with the original range and penetration power.

4. M14 with ACOG will be M21 silenced with the original range. This one was also added to the Spy in the Spy gametype.

5. Is not more possible fire with single shot weapons in the same rate that you click your mouse, now they are more slow and a lot more close to the real rate of fire of each weapon. This will avoid the mouse wheel and super mouses fast fire cheats.

6. Shotguns had their ranges doubled.

7. All weapons aside Shotguns, Knives, Nades, etc... which beeing firing from the hip will have a lot less accuracy and damage relative with the distance from the target, which can cause until 8 times less damage if you aim before fire your weapon. Of course face to face with the enemy the damage will still the same.

8. Here the list of weapons removed/replaced from the game

Removed wrote: AK47 with ACOG
M4 with ACOG
M16 with ACOG
G3 with ACOG
G36c with ACOG
M60 with ACOG
MP5 with ACOG
Skorpion with ACOG
Uzi with ACOG
AK74u with ACOG
P90 with ACOG
Winchester 1200 with Red Dot
M1014 with Red Dot

selecting any of them, you will get the respective substitute weapon.

9. G3 was replaced by M14 in Zillion Mode.

10. Range and Damage from the pistols are now smaller, aside with close range the damege will still the same. Also all penetration power were removed from all of them with the exception of the Desert Eagles, which are now the pistols with the lower rate of fire. So no more pistols-sniping or pistols-machineguns.

all these changes are already in our BETA server below:

Frontlines 6 BETA |

more news soon...



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