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Good and Bad news about the New Frontlines! Now you can jump with parachutes in enemy territory in few brand new gametypes!

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Many of you already know about the new Frontlines I'm working on which will come with several new features and many new gametypes, and some of them you will be able to jump with parachutes in enemy territory.

3 gametypes with parachutes are done and working well, and they are on test in the BC server for 3 weeks now...

BUT something that I found yesterday made me very sad, it's about the gametype limit of COD4. aside they are all load separeted, the engine limit that number to only 32 gametypes, well... 31... the #32 will work but will have all their strings in lower cases don't know why... and the next ones are named as "invalid" aside they work well if I put them in the middle of the gametypes list.

so I had two option, quit with all that I already have, or create a way to do what I want...

well, since I already did 2 double gametypes like Commander/VIP and Assassin/Spy, why not merge some of them which are similar into a new double gametype?

with that I'll free some new gametypes slot to the game, will not remove any old gametype created and will reach 40 gametypes as planned... :D

here are the ones which are already merged:


of course the freedom to config each of them separeted will be a little limited as what was before, but you will be able to have all of them into your server and at the same war.

come test with us at the BC server when you can... are you ready to jump? :P

Frontlines 6 BETA |

let's go! :)

Hajas Author

OK, I decided remake the entire gametypes structure of the game... and IT WORKS! :P

was a hell to do that, specially convert the entire War Server to work in the new structure but in the end worth it! the first tests yesterday went great and will be "transparent" to the players/admins.

for exemple, now you can set the gametype as vip then will load commander gametype configured to vip, or set strike then will load assault configured to strike... and goes on...

there's a new command called gt (gametype), which now must be used to choose the gametypes. when you load a gametype by this command, this will change the gametype and reload the map automatically.

I'll continue to work to make the config vars available to each sub-gametype too...

only after this work I'll be able to comeback to work in the other new gametypes.


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Hajas Author

The work continues...

I did some tests and instead of the gt command like I said here before, we gonna have the fl command (fl = Frontlines).

With that command you can not only change gametypes, but change weapons modes and also on/off the main configs like anticamping, spawn protection, medic system, help mode, etc...

now it's a lot more easier to the admin to control the server in real time without the need to know exact the vars names.

for exemple, if you want to change to Sniper Mode just need to do this:

/rcon fl sniper

or turn off the anticamp?

/rcon fl anticamp
/rcon fl ac

to turn on again just repeat the command!

if you want to change gametype to mission?

/rcon fl mission

it's all very simple, fast and automatic...

of course the Intelligent Server still working like always do, and you only need to use these commands if you want to change something while you playing, to force play something else in someway different. :P

another news that we have now a virtual gametype called "sniper", with that on you can play Sniper Mode in all those amazing Sniper Only maps available to download.

you can set in your rotation like:

gametype sniper map mp_mapname

then you gonna play a Team Deathmatch with Snipers Only! :P

you also can set a list of sniper maps to use, so if they are loaded by the intelligent server, he will change the gametype to Sniper automatically.

and of course, the new gametypes with Airborne features will access a list of maps that you will fill with maps not welcome to play those gametypes (very similar with the Chopper map list), since you can't play this gametype in closed maps like mp_steamlab for exemple...

there's few changes also in the Last Stand to avoid impossible reflexes after get wounded, a "slow motion" FX was added for few moments just after the shot to delay your reflexes to react after get shot.

lot's more to come... :D

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Hajas Author

there's really lots of new stuff, and I believe the most succeffull in the feedback that I'm receiveing are the Mission gametype, which is like a mini war in a map, with SEVERAL objectives to complete.

please take a read in the complete resume of the new features at my forums to have the details of the Mission gametype.

more news soon... :P

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