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In Frontlines the Weapons are deadly and completely remade to give us the most realistic and balanced gameplay in the right measure.

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Since the R3L04D version of the mod come with new tweeked Weapons for more realism and better gameplay, all very balanced and overtested like all previous HER versions.

Here all the changes and what you will get with the Frontlines Weapons...

1. Rate of Fire control of assault rifles (AK47, M16, M4, G3 e G36c) to all attachments with the exception of GL. To change to Auto/Single fire use the key you use (or used) to Claymore/RPG/C4. In Single Shot all weapons are more precise.

Frontlines | Quake Binds2. With the key slot of Claymore/RPG/C4 beeing used to rate of fire, now you must bind your explosives key at Controls/Multiplayer Controls.

3. Quake Binds are available to you bind the direct key to each type of weapon, so no need to rotate accross them anymore. Go to Controls/Multiplayer Controlsand bind them in the way you want.

4. All snipers have a new kind of ammo, so you can change ingame the type of ammo. The default ammo is the original one with penetration. Use the alt key to change the ammo type then you gonna get the long range type, but the penetration was removed in this kind of ammo. With that you can hit the enemy at a really very long range, and still be able to be deadly at more close range. The only sniper with ACOG option is the R700 which have the zoom increased.

5. M14 with ACOG will be M21 silenced with the original range. This one was also added to the Spy in the Spygametype. When you select this weapon you also will get the sniper uniform from your team.

6. Is not more possible fire with single shot weapons in the same rate that you click your mouse, now they are more slow and a lot more close to the real rate of fire of each weapon. This will avoid the mouse wheel and super mouses fast fire cheats.

7. Shotguns had their ranges doubled and become very usefull ingame.

8. All weapons aside Shotguns, Knives, Nades, etc... which beeing firing from the hip will have a lot less accuracy and damage relative with the distance from the target, which can cause until 8 times less damage if you do NOT aim before fire your weapon. Of course face to face with the enemy the damage will still the same, but aside that AIM TO FIRE! Of course this feature can be disable in the config in the spread var.

9. Here the list of weapons removed/replaced from the game:

Weapons Removed/Replaced

AK 7 with ACOG
M4 with ACOG
M16 with ACOG
G3 with ACOG
G36c with ACOG
M60 with ACOG
MP5 with ACOG
Skorpion with ACOG
Uzi with ACOG
AK74u with ACOG
P90 with ACOG
Winchester 1200 with Red Dot
M1014 with Red Dot
Barrett with ACOG
Dragunov with ACOG
M21 with ACOG
M40A3 with ACOG
M60 with Red Dot

Selecting any of them, you will get the respective substitute weapon.

10. Range and Damage from the pistols are now smaller, aside with close range the damege will still the same. Also all penetration power were removed from all of them with the exception of the Desert Eagles, which are now the pistols with the lower rate of fire. So no more pistols-sniping or pistols-machineguns.

11. G3 removed from Rifle Mode because we can use them as automatic, now is just M14.

12. Created a fixed machine gun on the Helicopters to play Support & AirFight.

Quake Style Binds

This feature will make many people happy, specially the russian community that asked that for so long.

Now you can bind the weapons like you can do in Quake! Also can exchange Primary/Secondary like the original game without the new weapons added in the inventory by Frontlines R3L04D.Still have EVERYTHING that you had before, but now you can go direclty to what you want without the need to scroll down your inventory to find the weapon you want like was before.

Here the Binds list:

. Primary Weapon
. Secondary Weapon
. Claymore/C4/RPG
. Primary/Secondary

At menu go to Controls/Multiplayer Controls to access the binds:

Frontlines | Quake Binds

Now you will ask WHY Quake Style Binds are the best ones to use instead of the original COD style (aside COD style is still present and you can use of course!)?

For exemple, you are a sniper and you are planting a claymore when an enemy appears in front of you what you can do in the original COD Style? Well, you gonna hit the next weapon key, then you will got the Sniper rifle in your hands, which is bad since you will have trouble to kill an enemy for that close range and fast with sniper. Then you need to hit twice to get your pistol (or a secondary rifle) to kill him.

Well, in Quake Style you simply hit the secondary key, and your pistol will be select directly to your own protection, then you will be able to defend yourself, while in the original COD style you will be probably killed.

UAV Perk

This UAV Perk (Eavesdrop) is great to use in Battlefront, Commander and VIP gametypes for searh the hidden and scared remaining soldiers. With that the player will be able to request an UAV whenever he want during a battle, but just once.

Frontlines | UAV PerkThis is not just hit a button and then we got UAV, the player need to go to an open area, this means he need to see the sky above and with a little of space too... then put their weapon down (holding the use key) then will start to connect and sync with the satellite... after that the player will receive the UAV.

The player can move while is connecting but if go to a closed area, will lost the sync with the satellite and will need to restart from zero. Same if he pick up any weapon. In this process the equipament will emit some noise, that anyone can hear from some distance, so since you need to go to an open area to do that, and also will make noise, it's not that simple to get an UAV in this way.

The time to stablish the connection is relative to your rank, how highest is, more faster will connect.

BombSquad Perk

Now you with this perk you really become a member of the bombsquad team, you will not be able to see any icons telling you where are the explosives, but once you find them you can start your real work.

Like any bombsquad member, your main mission is to disarm the explosives, then now you will be able to do that in silence aside just explode them, so will be great to stab your enemy from the back. Then now I'll teach you to be a good bombsquad in Frontlines.

Basic Disarming

1. Walk with caution like you play as a normal soldier.
2. Once found the explosive put your weapon down to disarm him

Disarming C4

1. Reach close then will start the disarm process, which take around 5 seconds to complete.
2. After start do NOT get your weapon back, or you gonna blow up.
3. When the process ends the explosive will be disarmed.

Disarming Claymores

1. With Clays the process it's a little different because you can also REVERT them.
2. With your weapon down aproach them from the front (detect zone).
3. Then will start the REVERT process, which take around 10 seconds to complete.
4. So hold your use key after start the disarming process, then in around 5 seconds the Clay will be disarmed.
5. If you just wait, in around 10 seconds the Clay will be reverted against the enemy.

Warning: when you find a enemy BombSquad doing his work, do not try to kill him with your knife or too close to him, or you gonna have a really bad surprise.

Aside that, all Bombsquad soldier is able to arm/disarm explosives twice faster then any other soldier. So is very smart to let a Bombsquad soldier plant the bombs into a Search & Destroy match for exemple.

Frontlines Airstrikes

There's several realistic war effects to the battles, which will really make you feel inside a real battlefield. All the new Airstrikes will change in every strike, with lots of combinations. These new FX have lots of smoke, pieces of garbage on the ground and dirt in the air. Combined with the blood FX when hit by an Airstrike you will see clearly in the middle of smoke many blood beeing slatted in the air. In the video you can see that in slow motion. You can of course disable the new airtrikes if you want.

There's 4 kinds of support that you can call when got the Airstrike Support hardpoint. All really random and deadly, here the list:

. Tactical Airstrike
. Heavy Airstrike
. Artillery Strike
. Mortar Strike

Even the number of Planes and bombs will be random, and the precision of each one.

Weapons Modes

With this var you can create sub-gametypes into all available gametypes, just setting specific rules to which weapons the players can use ingame.

Weapons List

All Weapons Mode = All Weapons
Bash Mode = Knife Only
Pistol Mode = All Pistols
Rifle Mode = M14
Sniper Mode = M40A3, M21, Dragunov, R700 & Barrett.50
Cop Mode = Pistols + W1200/M1014
Quake Mode = RPG Only
Tactical Mode = No Nades, GL & RPG
Infantry Mode = No Hardpoints
Silent Mode = SMGs with Silencer + Dead Silence
Light Infantry Mode = Basic Light Weapons (no attachments)
Zillion Mode = Zillion Weapons (details)
Cyborg Mode = Cyborg Wars
Nade Mode = Frag Nades Only
GL Mode = Grenade Launchers
Custom Mode = The Weapon + Kit you wish to everyone (details)
Random Mode = Random Weapons each Round

Options List

0 = Normal Mode
1 = Bash Mode (Knife Only)
2 = Pistol Mode (Pistol + Knife)
3 = Rifle Mode (Rifle + Pistol + Knife)
4 = Sniper Mode (Sniper + Pistol + Knife)
5 = Cop Mode (Shotgun + Pistol + Knife)
6 = Quake Mode (Rocket + Knife) *
7 = Tactical Mode (All Weapons - Jump, GL, Nades & RPG)
8 = Infantry Mode (All Weapons - Hardpoints)
9 = Silent Mode (Silenced SMG + Silenced Pistol + Knife)
10 = Light Infantry Mode (Basic Weapons | No Attachments)
11 = Zillion Mode (Instagib kind weapons)
12 = Cyborg Mode (Cyborg Wars) *
13 = Nade Mode (Frag Nades Only) *
14 = GL Mode (Grenade Launchers) *
15 = Custom Mode (The Weapon you wish to everyone)
15 = Random Mode (Random Weapons each Round)
* in these modes have infinite ammo and pistols are not available!

You can set if the Mode will have sidearm or not, and also add/remove night vision. Also choose if you want to enable or not the Hardpoints.

Aside all these options, you can create a list of the modes that you want on your server, and make them be chosen by luck, so you will have a random rotation of Weapons Modes at your server.

And I will give you even more, you still can use their camos of your Custom Classes, you can even import the look of your Weapon to the respective Weapon Mode, and all that is 100% automatic!

And you also can set a Weapon Mode to be the base of your server, this means will be always that Weapon Mode then SOMETIMES you gonna have at your server one of the variations that you added to the list.

For exemple : you want a server based on all weapons (0) and want to have sometimes the Rifle (3) and Cop Mode (5) in your rotation, so you must config like this (do NOT let ANY spaces):

set hajas_weapons_list "0,3,5"
set hajas_weapons_random 1
set hajas_weapons_default 0
set hajas_weapons_default_chances 20

To this work, the hajas_weapons_default must have a Weapon Mode which is also at hajas_weapons_list, if not will not create a based mode to the server, then all the modes will be chosen in the same probability to happen. The hajas_weapons_default_chances can improve up to 1000x the chances to happen the default Weapon Mode of the server aside the others.

It's posssible to enable/disable the Side Arms, Desert Eagle, Night Vision and Hardpoints when you play these modes only, so will not will affect the normal weapons.

Since the R3L04D version you can also add up to 4 frag nades in modes 2,3,4,5,6 setting the var hajas_weapons_nades.

The Custom and Random modes are really numbered as 15, wasn't an error. To this mode work we have two vars to set:

hajas_weapons_custom_weap set the weapon you want to give to all players
hajas_weapons_custom_name set the name of your Custom Mode

for exemple:

set hajas_weapons_custom_weap "remington700_acog"
set hajas_weapons_custom_name "Custom Mode"

Then all will receive a remington700_acog if the mode 15 is loaded. Here the weapons available to choose from: Weapons List

Don't forget to turn off the Random Mode as: set hajas_weapons_random 0

So you can setup each Weapon Mode, and also create your own Mode with the Custom Mode. All that give you over 2400 different Weapons Modes for your pleasure, which you can add to ANY gametype available in Frontlines.

Hardpoints Streak

In Frontlines the admin can set how many easier or harder will be to get the Hardpoints (UAV, AirStrike & Heli Support) in a very easy way. All you need to do is set this var below as example:

set scr_hardpoint_streak 1

The number that you put on this var will be added to the original number of streaks, so if you add 1, will be 4 for UAV, 6 to Airstrike and 8 to Heli Support.

You can also set as -1, then will be 2 for UAV, 4 to Airstrike and 6 to Heli Support. Then goes on... you can choose between -2 and 10.

Drop Weapons/Objects

This feature I created because also the Medal Of Honor's days, where you can get the weapon which the enemy is carrying when you kill him, I don't think is fair he have an RPG and when you kill him the weapon simply disappear without giving you anything.

But since in COD4 we have a lot more options, I did an upgrade in these rules... so now when you kill an enemy planting a Claymore she will not disappear like before, you gonna be able to get the Claymore and plant against your enemy. The same with C4. Of course you will be able to use anything the enemy was carrying when they died, even an RPG.

And yes, you can get the Grenade Launcher from the floor and use it against the enemy! No more limitations.

To use all that, is just set this var to 1 like this:

set hajas_drop 1

And of course, in MOHAA days you can drop your weapon to give to your teamate, so now you can also do it in Frontlines. All that you need to do is hit and HOLD the use key for while then the selected weapon will be dropped. Yes! you can drop your Claymores or the C4 if you want to...

To use this feature, is just set this var to 1 like this:

set hajas_drop_weap 1

Use the same process to drop Objects like Suitcases, Flags, etc... Objects will be dropped faster than weapons.

This feature must be enabled to use the UAV perk.

Claymore Lasers

New Claymore Lasers

Now we don't have the icons upside the claymores anymore, so to identify which claymore it's ours or from the enemy there's now different color to each one. The claymores from S.A.S. and Marines have a Blue laser, while the OpFor and Spetsnaz have a Red one.

Frontlines Spread Protection

With this var ON will make the fire from the hip have less accuracy and with less damage. Then will force people to aim before shot. Shots from the hip at very close range are still deadly, and still be able to kill at long range, but will be hard to hit something.

Frontlines Tactical Movement

With this var ON will avoid Jump + Fire and Prone + Fire to force a more tactical behavior of the players. You can do that only in Tactical Mode or also in all other modes. These features are disable for a few moments when you jump or get prone, of course you can fire while in prone position, but will not be able to do it so unreal fast like the original game.

FTH = You can shot but only from the hip in the air for a while
YCS = You can NOT fire while jumping or going prone for a while

Here all options:
0 = All Modes = OFF | Tactical Mode = OFF
1 = All Modes = OFF | Tactical Mode = ON FTH
2 = All Modes = OFF | Tactical Mode = ON YCS
3 = All Modes = ON FTH | Tactical Mode = ON FTH
4 = All Modes = ON FTH | Tactical Mode = ON YCS
5 = All Modes = ON YCS | Tactical Mode = ON YCS

You can also set the weight of the soldier while jumping, how more weight less they will jump.

Frontlines Wall

With this feature on, the Walls will not be like paper in almost cases like the original one, you will still able to shot across glass/windows without any trouble, and also across tiny barricades... but with more solid walls the penetration will be tiny or even none.

This will happen in almost all objects from all maps around... the only problem is that some maps have some objects with bad configuration in penetration... so if a huge wall the stupid mapper put as maximum penetration, this will still be like paper unfortunatelly... also can happen if he put glass with the minimum penetration, then you will not be able to shot across glass...

This already happen in the original game in some maps not well made, but with Frontlines Wall enable this will be fixed in almost of the maps available outhere.

Frontlines War FX

This will enable those random War FX in all maps/gametypes like the big smokes, which make you immerse a lot more into the battlefield.

Limited Classes/Weapons

Since Forever you can limit the max number of weapons/classes per team to avoid weird things like everyone with RPG for exemple. So now is possible to limit the number of RPG, GL, 3 Frags and Snipers of each team.


Weapon = Default (Substitute)
RPG = 1 (-)
3 Frags = 1 (1 Frag)
Sniper = 2 (G3 + Red Dot)
GL = 1 (-)

To Setup just set the vars below using 0 to turn them off.


Dvar = Value
limit_rpg = 1
limit_xfrags = 1
limit_sniper = 2
limit_gl = 1

With these Limits set you don't need to use the perk/gametypes locks below since will not have any overdose of deadly weapons in the battle. Use them only if you really want to remove for good any of these weapons.

Of course, any gametype that needs especific weapons to succeed in the objective, like the use of RPG in the gametype Chopper, these limits will be automatically ignored. Same with you set any kind of Weapon Modesor for exemple the Snipers gametype. So you don't need to worry about these exceptions.

ModWarfare Settings + Hardpoints

In the Frontlines 2.1 I listed few vars that could be good to use sometimes to change the gameplay, but after I did that I realized that theses vars are for ModWarfare only (aside the Hardcore one), and not the original game. And since my mod was entirelly made upside the original game instead the ModWarfare like almost mods outhere, all these vars were simply ignored. Because they simply doesn't exist in the original game.

Well, I just make all of them also work with Frontlines, which was a lot harder since is a completely different structure, when in the ModWarfare you always start without any gears, so these vars simply disable the options to the players to select (aside is easy to by pass that), while in Frontlines you have your own custom classes, with everything pre-selected, to test and remove the forbidden items wasn't a easy task to make since each kind of weapon works in different ways... and all that keeping the full rank system and custom classes.

Here the list of ModWarfare vars that works with Frontlines:

set weap_allow_frag_grenade 1
set attach_allow_assault_gl 1
set perk_allow_rpg_mp 1
set perk_allow_specialty_fraggrenade 1

set scr_hardcore 1
set scr_hardpoint_allowartillery 1
set scr_hardpoint_allowuav 1
set scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter 1

I think these are the most important and the only vars that I would like to turn off sometimes to play. But if many people request the same few others vars I could add them in the next versions. But there's no way to make all of them available in Frontlines, it's a lot of work for so small features. Don't really worth it.

You can also set to turn on/off the weapons in only determined gametypes to avoid a noobtube war at you TeamDeathmatch matches. Here are the list of vars:

set weap_allow_frag_grenade_gt ""
set attach_allow_assault_gl_gt "sd, commander, front"
set perk_allow_rpg_mp_gt "sd, commander, front"
set perk_allow_specialty_fraggrenade_gt "sd, commander, front"

Set to "" to make them available to all gametypes, or set which gametypes these weapons will be available.


waiting for it, and thank you for all this info

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Hajas Author

A lot more to come! Cheers! :D

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