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What is this mod? What is it about? Who are behind it? Find out here...

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Welcome to the first Frontline Chaos ModDB update! In this update I'll explain some stuff of the mod, so you guys get the general idea behind the mod.

First of all, what is this mod?
Frontline Chaos is a Total Conversion mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour. It replaces all the USA, China and GLA armies for 2 brand new armies; Legion and Revenant. It will also replace the old Generals universe with a new universe, which is similar to the Generals one (as in, being in a near future), only with a twist (a rather big one, but more of that in a later news post).
One of the goals of this mod is to have a fun and balanced multiplayer, similar to those found in the other C&C games. I will make sure that even though the sides will be balanced, that they won't be complete copies of each other. Both sides will require a different playing style. The original Nod vs GDI balance from Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun or the Allies vs Soviets balance from Red Alert 1 are a guideline for me in this task.
My aim is to also include a full campaign for both sides. Whether this will be in the first release or in a later one is still to be decided. Speaking of releases: I haven't decided any release date, nor will give one at the current state of the mod.

Who are behind it?
Well, I can be short on this topic: it's a one-man mod. I do all the work myself, which is also what I want. I learn during creation of this mod, and stuff will most likely be made and remade several times before it will be final.
If I want help, I'll ask for it. Feedback is always appreciated.
Because it's a one-man mod, there may be some time between updates. I hope you guys will understand this.

As for now, enjoy the images I've uploaded (more will come), and until next time.
Dutchygamer signing off.

bobian414 - - 230 comments

OK. what is the twist?

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Dutchygamer Author
Dutchygamer - - 871 comments

As said in the post, all will be explained in the story, which will be posted in a later news post ;)

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