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On this post I'll show you the death animation/ragdoll, C4s and Claymores! Enjoy.

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Hello everybody! This is the fourth post of my game, Front Sight. Front Sight is a multiplayer game I'm working on by myself. For more information about the game check the summary or the first post :)

On this post I'd like to inform and show you about the things I've been working on. That is ragdolls, realistic fall after death, claymores and C4. The claymores and C4s will be available only to specific classes and only after some specific level, in the level system which I will be working on soon. They will have to be unlocked to be used. Their explosions will also add force to nearby objects, as shown in the video, for example the ragdoll of the dead player.

After the death of the player, he will turn into ragdoll, and the camera will "stick" to the head of the player, for a more realistic and immersive fall. In the video you can see everything I talked about. Enjoy and tell me your opinion :) The C4 animation and some other stuff are not finished and polished yet, so be gentle :D Thanks!

JustTheJoker - - 1 comments

This game looks like something I would want to play, all ya gotta do is finish it. You might want to take care of making other people hold guns as your next goal.

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FNGamesAlex Author
FNGamesAlex - - 719 comments

Yup, I had already done that, but it bugged lately 'cause I changed some stuff on the scripts. Should be easy to fix, but I still need to make the upper body animations. Thanks a lot :)

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