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New map in Front Sight, (mp_NoComply), weapons, bombs, melee. Enjoy! :)

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Hello everybody! This is the second post of my game, Front Sight. Front Sight is a multiplayer game I am personally working on, alone. For more information about the game check the summary or the previous post :)
On this post I'd like to share with you some things I've been working on. First of all, a new map! This map is called mp_NoComply. It is a skatepark map, and it will support capture the flag, team deathmatch and free for all, at least. Secondly, weapons. On the video I'm demonstrating the three weapons which I almost have ready (some sounds need to be changed), melee and bombs. These are:

  • M4A1,
  • AK-47,
  • UMP45,
  • Grenade,
  • Smoke Bomb,
  • Flashbang,
  • Melee knife,

Here is the video:

The next video will probably be a multiplayer gameplay of the map, and maybe some more weapons.
Enjoy and tell me your opinion and/or suggestions :) Thanks!

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