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Our first news update to introduce ourselves and state our direction with this undertaking.

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Greetings Empire at War Community,

I am Sith of Steel, co-leader of the Pirates vs. Mandalorians (PvM) mod project along with DarkHelmet43. I'm also going to put foreverrussia1 on this list because of his enormous contributions to the backbone of the mod. Chances are that you, members of the community, have never heard of PvM or have only heard it once or twice from news posts months ago on Filefront. So I'm going to explain what we are, where we came from, and where we're going.

In the late spring of 2009, DarkHelmet43 released the first in his series of Mandalorians vs. Pirates maps. These maps pitted the Black Sun pirates (Rebel) against the Mandalorians (Empire). Even he admits that the maps were hardly high-quality, but we recognize them as our origins. Soon after the release of his first few maps, he posted a request on Filefront for modders to help him make his Mandalorians vs. Pirates dream a more fleshed out reality as a mod. I responded, and the project was born. Over time, other members, such as foreverrussia1, Bubbleteatroopa, and _237th_SC_Com_Bly joined and gave their talent to a project that far exceeded the humble expectations Helmet and I had back in 2009.

Sp what exactly does this mod do? As you, readers, probably guessed, the mod is essentially a conversion. The Rebels have been converted into the Black Sun Pirates, and the Consortium has been changed to the Mandalorians. Helmet believed that the Imperials were too large to simply remove (not to mention a lot of people play the Empire most anyway), so the Empire remains as a playable faction. On top of this, many of our new GCs will feature new and/or updated nonplayable factions, including the remnants of the Rebellion, Consortium, the Imperial Warlords and the Hutt Cartel. Time permitting, we may add more. In fact, we *will* be adding more, but I'm not going to reveal that one yet :p

We also seek to overhaul the system to improve gameplay in both skirmish and GC. In skirmish, I, personally, greatly disliked how certain extras, like the Merchant Space Dock, were tactically useless. Not anymore. We have also overhauled the turret system to create balanced but unique turret choices for each of the three factions, both land and space. On top of this, new planets (with their own maps!) have been added to GC, as well as new particles and sound effects to enhance the experience.

So why no pictures? While the mod has been under development for nearly a year and a half, the ModDB page was only set up yesterday. We have plenty of media to display; however, schoolwork has taken away from how much time I can put into this new page. Within two weeks, though, expect to see much more than the humble three pictures posted here currently.

And, in a nutshell, that's us! Feel free to comment on what you have seen and heard, ask questions, etc. We greatly value the opinion of the community, and we would like to hear what you think.

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