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I decided that instead of Cloned Cube being a map pack, it will be a Source mod.

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When I started this project my original concept was a new testing experiment in Aperture involving tests with a reskinned Half-Life 2 jeep. It never worked out as I couldn't figure out how to reskin right. I made the skin but couldn't put it on the model. I gave up and decided to try making a mod involving Portal tests. I gave up as soon as I tried making the button-door system. The button moved the wrong way and the doors defied the laws of physics. I remembered seeing a video about Chell's clones and remembered that line in Portal which is now displayed prominently at the top of the page. This mod expands on that concept.

Well, it started out as a map pack (A group of BSP maps like Portal Flash Map Pack ) but I think that a story should be told from this mod and a map pack doesn't seem to express that too much. Plus, the Portal menu interface is really ugly. It'll be lots of work and I'll have to touch some code (gulp), but this project will now be a mod and I'm planning on releasing an Alpha version for people to test (ironic isn't it). Don't worry, all you need is a computer and the not-free version of Portal.

Alpha Version coming soon!

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can't wait :)

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