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A small overview of new features in version 0.9.1.

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Good time of day everyone! I've just finished uploading version and eager to share what's inside =)

New features

Hats system allows to wear hats. This means there actually are helmets, actual hats and other head wear in the game now. Currently there are 3 items of this class:
1) Iron Helmet
2) Diadem of Mind
3) Wizzard's Hat (wink, wink)
Just like other equippables they don't stack and can be put on one at a time.

Something like this

Mana regen improvements. Thanks to feedback I received here, I've made mana regen a little more active, making mana points more steadily flow into your pool every turn. This makes combat more easy, but for those who want battles to be hard there is Difficulty bar.

New monsters. Only one this time - Darlon Ancient, an old walker, armed with scissor-like blades and a musket.

Elder Walker
This guy likes your guts. Care to share?

They are slow, but rather deadly.

New systems. Now, there is a Combat Discipline perk, allowing to pick a single card as Combat Discipline. This will be an additional, 7th card in your hand, which will be always available. But it has to be recharged for 4 turns (3 at 50 Intelligence and 2 at 100) and cannot be changed during battle.

Other stuff. Also there are, of course, various bugfixes and other things.

Current build is available via Downloads section. I am full of hopes for feedback ^__^

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