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Some specific roll backs of the recent HE audit, back to previous settings while we look at how they are working in game. Example HE impacts on armor. In striving to match historical values

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Today we'll be talking about rolling back the HE "Penetration Constant" portion of our recent audit, which will revert changes specifically how bombs are impacting hard targets (vehicles specifically). We'd also like to place a rally call for troops to show up online and surge the virtual battlefield by logging in at 10AM Server Time (US Central) on this Sunday, September 9th. Remember, all veteran soldiers have a FREE Rifleman account and are eligible to join even if their premium subscription is currently inactive. This is a great time for all to join up and play - set a reminder and let your squad mates know!


CRS has been carefully examining player feedback in and out of the game, and we've made the decision to roll back the changes which effect how bombs impact (penetrate) armor. This means that bombs will become viable again towards blowing up tanks and all other vehicles to their previous standards. The changes in the first place were made to steer more towards historical realities, and while we were close we need to invest some more time into how they function so that it effectively penetrates armor more appropriately.

Please do note, not all elements of the HE audit will be rolled back, specifically referencing fragmentation, will be the new version. This is good because it means the bombs frag counts were much higher, resulting into greater casualties / effectiveness.

These changes will be placed into the game with urgency, just as soon as we can.


We're calling ALL soldiers to login to your side this Sunday at 10AM Server Time, that's 8AM Pacific, 11AM Eastern and 6PM GMT. Be sure to be on Discord (voice comms) found at

For the duration of the event, Free Players will receive access to the "LIGHT ARMOR & MEDIUM ARMOR" DLC Packs. We'll monitor their supply closely and make sure there's plenty to be had. This will not effect regular supply pools as they are their own separate supply.

Remember both organically and on Steam, you are able to now play WWII Online for FREE as a Rifleman.


Take this time to recruit a new friend to the game and get them ready for Sunday. Reach out to fellow WWII Onliners of the past and get them here to play on Sunday. HC Officers are requested to be around in force to support this effort and keep troops organized and moving.

That's all for now soldier, execute the mission!


Cornered Rat Software

Hyoslvr : And again take a look at the DLC's available for purchase with this link

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