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Friday summary of the work done 10/23/2015 for Simulacra.

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Copypasta from main blog: Friday Wrapup First edition

Hey all!

This week was an exciting one for me, to finally have the game shared with the public is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I will try to do these weekly wrap ups to share any progress from the week, and it will also help me to stick to a bi-weekly build release. Look forward to a new build next week!

This week mainly consisted of:

  • General - Getting the game posted and setting up a few main threads to share it (Polycount, IndieDB)
  • Art - Greyblock modelling for base architecture and some initial texture and material work.
  • Design - Minor work on Design Test text adventure. New version posted on the game page.
  • Design - Cleanup and rework of design doc to prepare for next steps.

The main focus this week was Art, specifically for the game's base of operations. The location is intended to be a semi-derelict medical facility/bunker. I greyblocked (rough un-textured proxy) models for the various areas and started doing test decoration of the spaces. The current idea is to have four main sections; Clinic, Fabrication/Engineering, Lab, Bunks/Dorm. The layout is still quite temporary, it still needs to be informed by the design and narrative needs of the space but that being said I'm still happy with it as a start. I continue to enjoy making "smart" art using UE4's blueprints, using procedural rules to make it faster and easier for me to decorate.

For example, a simple blueprint that stacks a randomized number of crates on top of each other, randomly rotates each in 90 degree increments to break up the faces, then offsets and rotates by a couple of degrees for a more naturalistic final look. A pretty simple example but hopefully gets the idea across.

If you haven't already, please download and play the main game from the game page, or if you are short on time, take a look at the design text adventure.

Have a great weekend!

- CJ

Art BaseGreyblock

Base Clinic 02

Base Overview 02

Wilds Overseer 2

Wilds Campsite 1

Wilds River 4

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