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Here is Friday's update: The continued work on the 2018 road map and development...

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Community Report - Bug Fixes/Forum Hot Spots/US Paratrooper

Bug Fixes

While CRS continues their work on the massive 2018 Road Map, the teams have worked up a release that focuses on some known bug issues. SCKING and his team have been testing

nonstop to ensure these bugs have been squashed. No date has been given for this release. We will keep you informed.

QA (Quality Assurance) Team has embraced a new team member, tr6al. Welcome!

My favorite quote from OLDZEKE, "Our job is to breaks things." I think he has a new QA team motto?


The WWII Online Forums lit up from topics like "Returning Vet Check-In" and "One time purchase DLC's coming to Steam!" are the hottest threads in the General Forums. For those with subscriptions, the Barracks and Hanger Forums have seen some heated discussions as well. From "RDP attacks on allied factories is impossible for Axis" to "Who are you?", there's always something going on. Jump in there and get in on the discussions! There's always Off Topic if you're bored... lol

Squad vs Squad Event

Many players and squads are soaking up the last bit of summer, so BLKHWK8 and HEAVY265 have decided to postpone the event. Keep your eyes pealed for a new date, or contact them for more information.

US Paratroopers!

It has been many years since the American class entered the WWII Online arena. Several new US Paratroopers will be introduced soon with a US Douglas C-47 Transport plane! Details to come...

US Airborne

Time to get back into the WAR soldier!

to all the returning veterans of WWII Online... take it easy on the newer crowd, some of them are still learning!

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