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Slow work week this week. =/ We managed to fix a great deal of bugs in the game, but we don't have very much done in the way of visuals for you guys this week.

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It's been a slow work week for us this week. We didn't get much done in the way of visual elements (that we can leak to you anyway), but we did get a great number of bugfixes done in the meantime. Here are some patch notes for the next version:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash, regarding achievements.
  • Fixed a visual glitch involving the blood sight shader.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player to be frozen in the Force Push/Pull animation.
  • Animations while sprinting have been sped up.
  • Fixed a bug which caused stamina to regenerate past its limit.
  • Removed the stamina display number (this was for debug purposes)
  • Removed the /showmeyourtits cmd (this was for debug purposes)

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased primary fire base damage from 33 to 35

Sniper Rifle

  • Decreased accuracy drain for primary and secondary fire.
  • Decreased fire time for alt fire.

New Features

  • Your minimum accuracy is cut in half while crouching.
  • Added g_hardcore cvar.
  • Added cg_compactoverlay cvar.
  • You can now earn achievements from bots. Previously, you could only earn them from killing human players.
  • Achievements now display their progress (so long as you are logged in)

Ohh that's why I never got achievements! Oh well, when is the patch going to be released?

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