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What did we do the last 7 days? Fossil Resources, Volcanoes, AI Trade, Space Merchant Concept.

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What did we do the last 7 days?

Fossil Resources
So far fossil resources in Imagine Earth are infinite. We wanted to change this for a long time now and finally did. Fields with fossil resources will now be depleted by coal, gas and nuclear power plants, oil platforms and mines. The efficiency of these buildings goes down over time and will reach a minimum of 50% when the resource is "empty". This means your fossil power plants will become very inefficient, but still work.

In addition there are three new fields that give additional bonus to individual fossil buildings.

This is still work in progress. Volcanoes can erupt and through small burning rocks on surrounding buildings. This still looks quite ugly so there is no screenshot to show.

AI Trade
The AI players on Bora will sell you up to 20% of their produced resources. Which one depends on the used buildings. If you aren't interested in a resource for some time the AI will even change it's offer to another resource. The more you buy the more it will cost - demand determines price.

Space Merchant Concept
This one is still in a concept phase, but will definitely make it into the next alpha release, because it's an important part of the Bora mission.


The space merchant sells important things like new City Centers and Development Coins. To make sure you have enough money you can sell bundles of your resources to him, e.g. 2000 goods for a certain price.

What's planned for next week?

We will build the space merchant into the game and finish work on the volcano. Simultaneously the work on Bora will continue.

We will update our roadmap and tell you what's planned for the next time and when Imagine Earth will probably be released.

Anything else?

The steam key of our contest goes to [57th] AgentJLM how populated Joma 5.295.000 people while maintaining a positive climate balance. Congratulations!

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