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A list of frequently asked questions compiled from feedbacks on Discord and Moddb.

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Hello friends and followers! I know it's been a while, I am busy with real life stuff so I hardly find time to work on the mod. Today, I want to compile (no news by the way) the all questions I got from Discord and Moddb. I hope you can find your answer below!

Q: What is War for Arnor mod?
A: War for Arnor is a mod for Battle for Middle Earth which plans to add Arnor and Angmar alongside with editing existing factions of the game.

Q: Do you have a discord?
resim 2021 07 27 144106

Q: Which patch is required to install the mod?
A: Patch 1.06. You can find the full guide here:

Q: What is the current factions mod has?
A: Arnor and Mordor. In the full release, expected factions are;


Q: Will Campaign get working for future?
A: Yea, Campaign planned to get some changes in future.

Q: Why Gondor, Rohan etc. factions are not in game?
A: From the coding I used and because of my plans, Gondor and Rohan was disabled for the first Public Beta. They will make a return in v0.1.5

Q: Why Arnor lacks so much heroes?
A: It is because of the model shortage I have. They will get more heroes in future though.

Q: When will be next release date / Angmar?
A: Until I do somekind of announcements. Otherwise it is unknown.

Q: Where to find latest version?
A: Latest version must be at Files section.

Thanks for reading!

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