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I answered your questions here. So keep more of these comming. Today we will answer the first 7 PrivateMessage questions that i recieved.

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Q: Is TO2C really going to be a multiplayer or a coop?
A: Yes , TO2C will be a singleplayer and later a multiplayer , however the COOP has to be moded in a another way.

Q:When is this mod going on the download page ?
A: When its done ....

Q:Whats your actual progress now
A:Our progress is going ahead really cool , i actualy cant describe it now.

Q:Is this mod going to have new enemys or any weapons ?
A:Yes , both of them will get atleats a 1 new item

Q:Why did you decided to have a logo like this , is it supposed to explain something to us ?
A:You see there are cleary 3 blocks heading out , each of them with 2 gaps , and a covered middle , im not gonna spoil the mod too much but they are defending the inner ring.

Q:Are you working alone on this mod ??
A: NO ! We have a big team full of modelers and material artists wich work their *censored* out every day.

Q:Will you make any of these scary parts for this game ?
A: This mod is a so called "Multimod" , its going to be a Action , Horror , SciFi , Puzzle mod

Thank you for the PMs youv sent me, im exepting more questions to come by soon.

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