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Here at Remixgames we are trying to create a game to the best of our knowledge and to pursue our dream by creating a successful game.

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Hello, Today we are releasing FPSProject V0.07 with more features than before. We finally finished V0.07 before the school year, and V0.08 will probably be delayed in release because of it. Its important to us to hear your feedback so we can improve the game to your liking. We are aware the graphics aren't as good as some Untiy3D games but we go by one rule, gameplay before visuals. Its important to us that the user has fun and the belief a good game can satisfy everyone.

We also will be working/Selling on a FPSProject starter kit as a side project, which will include most of what you see in this update. We're hoping many developers in Unity3D will be interested in a FPS multiplayer like ours. You can see how we do things here at Remixgames. This FPS kit will be great for starting/new developers who are looking to make a noncommercial/commercial game.

In FPSProject v0.07 we added these things:
* Ingame Chat(Press "T")
* Improved C8a1* Better Hitdetection
* New Map just using temporally
* Took out single player* Dynamic Lighting
* 1 new game mode Teamdeath match(WIP)
* 2 Maps included Apache Flying test & A regualar map
* Flawless Multiplayer
* Scoreboard(Tab)
* Apache works in multiplayer
* A Video will be added soon. So stay tuned!

Instructions on how to Host a game:* Please forward port 2556 in your router* Give the person you are playing with your Public IP(* Getting dedicated servers soon* Hosting games will be much easier in the future FPSProject v0.08 will have many new things you will love.

Some Features of V0.08:
* Hitboxes
* Ingame Store
* More guns & More maps
* Classes
* A new M4A1, created by Daniel Smith of Divinity studios

Our goal is to create a game to the best of our knowlege and for it to soon be a popular 100% free game. We take all your feedback into concideration so maybe your idea will be included into v0.08.

~ Remixgames Staff

Jordy☢Boii - - 278 comments

o cool this will look nice :) nice work cant wait to see more :)

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Zorklis - - 185 comments

where is the download link?

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Boomsma95 - - 78 comments

Srry for that. The admins of still have to authorize it but for now you can use this one.

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Choczy123 - - 43 comments

Hope you guys like the M4A1 I modelled and textured :)

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Guest - - 696,457 comments

multiplayer not working, if i make a server, and my friends click on connect, then its dont work

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