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They are like zombies, a tad faster. Don’t like brains at all though.

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Fistful of Frags probably is the first western game where cowboys were chased by crazy axemen. AI controlled axemen will be present in this new game mode, as some sort of basic class. If rattlesnake is special ops, dynamiter is artillery and whiskey guy is medic, axeman is infantry ^^.

Its behavior is as simplistic as you would expect from someone handling a short axe against armed guys. Unlike the rattlesnake, axemen can be spotted easily and that's an inconvenience or advantage depending what you want from them. A frontal attack isn't very wise, but may attract enough attention for a surprise attack coming from other direction.

The video shows 2 different situations where an axeman acting as decoy will help another mate coming from behind. For this purpose, extra health is given to decoy while the other NPC gets extra speed and damage to deal with enemies as quick as possible. There's a variation of this tactic using an explosive barrel, which axeman is able to use as projectile if the special skill is assigned. That barrel has alone other interesting uses and possibilities, of course.

1. FPS hybrid, our next little thing (introduction).

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that they have now the skill to trow explosive barrel at u, is indeed a nice effect :)

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Looks really well-made and thoroughly thought out =)

I do assume that there'll be a certain radius around people, in which you cannot place anything, right? It would be pretty damn unfair if I could just spawn a rattlesnake right next to you and then bombard you, right away, with axemen.

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R_Yell Author
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That's the idea yep, in that sense it works much like L4D versus except the minimum radius is larger. Additionally, there exist forbidden areas which can't be used to spawn anything. Most high places or outer zones for instance.

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Lol, old zm player like me will found that easy to win ! :)

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R_Yell Author
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A L4D player probably will do better ;)

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nice push physics but a bit overpowered no?

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