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Fowl Invaders: Reheated is live on the Google Play store! Check it out!

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Oh, and as promised, it's completely free, with our complements.

This is it folks! Aliens have come, They call's 'em-selves Huns! Looks like big chickens if you asks me!Now, i'll be stuffed if those danged pol-ut-ions ain't gone an tried to make peace!!Well me an the boys knows better! Granny and Zeek has gone out and tapped down the back wall of the local base an "borrowed" some equalizers.

Now it's up to you! Here's what we go fer ya:
- 5 unique weapons (we'll start ya with 1, you'll get the rest as we get's 'em unpacked)
- Arcade shooting, just like the good ol' days
- unlimited levels (they keeps comin' as long as you can shoot 'em down)Oh, an seein as this is a fight for all free lands, this game is free. So what 're ya waitin' fer?

No actual chickens were harmed in the creation or playing of this game, however at least one English teacher cried, and several non-native English speakers were confused.In the event poultry-like aliens do arrive we, at Convolution, humbly beg the forgiveness of our new overlords.

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