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A word about the forums and posting comments on the mod

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Hey there,

I noticed that people use the comment section for everything but comments...

The comment section is not designed to deal with long text blocks, discussions or more complex questions (like troubleshooting).

Anyone can easily access the forums through the tabs and post there. That's what they are here for.
While posts in the comments can easily get lost, I'm always overwatching the forums and anything you post there.


Keep it short, no deep discussions, allows very short questions only

"Nice! Keep up the good work!"
"This mod looks boring. Needs more cowbell"
"Is this for AS1 only?"


Long text, group discussions, problems with the mod, long and complex questions

"How is the progress on the mod?"
"How can I use stormtroopers in the editor?"
"I can't start the demo. It says ...."
"My game crashes with the error message ...."

When posting something in the comments that doesn't belong there, your post might be removed, ignored or simply missed. Use the forums instead.

Those of you who have been answering peoples questions in the comment section for me: I thank you for your great support and hope that you will help me direct people to the forums in the future!

Thanks for being good imperial citizen!



Rising Empire


Wow, great! But the new logo. It reminded me a game Lego Star Wars:D

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You say it as if some people might not know what it is.

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wHERE do the troll comments go?

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Buzztr0n Author

I'm going to give you your very own comment section, to be the person you want to be!!

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