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<-- Begin Update -->
Well Alpha Blue kinda kicked us out for some reason a while back, so the H:CaW forums are now here: sorry I haven't had time to make this post until but things are happening over here that I can't ignore, but anyway, GO TO THE FORUMS IF YOU WANT TO ASK QUESTIONS, don't bother posting questions here, because chances are I'll ignore you :P, there will be something soon... don't worry, we're still around. In the mean time, enjoy this pretty render :).

<-- End Update -->
The Mod team so far (in order of joining the team):

  • Blamtroid -- Coder, Modeller, Skinner, Animator
  • Darth Gaius -- Mapper
  • Spartan-517 -- Coder, other stuff
  • Hiimmyself -- Concept Artist
  • LordHood 117 -- Beta Tester
  • CanadaMan7 -- Beta Tester
  • «Ø»O-66 -- Beta Tester
  • Generalmveers -- Coder, Modeller, Animator, Skinner, mapper
  • Iron Joe -- Modeller, Skinner
  • Gotoprime -- Voice Actor, Music Composer
  • Blayke -- Modeller
  • IG11 -- Coder, Mapper
  • BenSkywalker -- Text Writer
  • Darman'da -- Text Writer, Skinner

If you are interested in joining then send an email to or apply in our forums:
Oh yeah, and don't e-mail me about beta testing, your email WILL be ignored.

Disclaimer: NONE of CAW's models are ripped, None of our models are from Google 3d Warehouse, we have replaced all of the models that we were once using from the 3D Warehouse.
Halo: Covenant at War was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo, © Microsoft Corporation.


Yay! It lives! *cackles like a mad scientist*

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IDEA: How the covenent and the unsc "jumps" in. Use the slipspace generators from halo: in other words, make an area where the space is "rippling" and then make the ship appear from that area.
QUESTION: Are there going to be archer missle pods just like in the real game or are there just going to be Mac guns?

NOTE: Every once in a while, i will put a suggestion and maybe a question as a post, so look back every now and then!

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