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Added multiple vehicles, database integration, downloading other players avatars, server list & more!

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0.0.34 Release

Database integration, including:

    • Server list. You can now enter your public IP in the field at the bottom of the start server page and choose the port you've opened. Players looking at the Join Server page will see and join your server listed while you're playing. Make sure you port forward otherwise they won't be able to join. If you don't want your server to be public leave the IP field empty.

    • Downloading other players avatars!
    • You can view all the players and download their avatar to use for yourself by opening the avatar customisation menu, then clicking the browse avatars button. To load the file open the avatar customisation menu again, click Save/Load and select the file.

  • Player banning. Currently there are three ban tiers, these range from not appearing on the menu background, only appearing on the players avatar list with a random name, and being banned from playing the game online entirely.

Added vehicles, including:

  • Rally car (/spawn rallycar).
  • Go kart (/spawn gokart).
  • Skateboard (/spawn skateboard). You can jump by pressing the interact button (Default is F).
  • Rollerball (/spawn rollerball). You can jump with this too.

Note that only the server host can spawn vehicles currently.

Small changes/bug fixes (Since 0.0.33 Release)

  • Respawn text displaying time until respawn & spectate instructions.
  • Fixed game crashing at start & added menu loading.
  • Max player count fixed.
  • Checkmark UI changed on toggles.
  • Zombie survival max mob count increased.
  • Added controller joystick deadzone.
  • Button text resizing.
  • Fixed splashscreen not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed player emmission edits.
  • Fixed delete progress page not closing on restart.
  • New loading screen.
  • Increased sheep LOD distance.
  • Fixed arrow damage.
  • Light sword damage decreased, range increased.
  • Heart UI updated.
  • Fixed loading tip position matching aspect ratio.
  • Screenshots now saved in seperate folder.
  • Fixed Fps counter displaying with scaled time.
  • Optimised UI text updating.
  • Added an FPS unlock toggle (F6).

Bug fixes (Since 0.0.34 Early Access Build)

  • Fixed menu characters animations breaking when opening certain pages.
  • Fixed item dropdown duplication bug.
  • Fixed chair offset for vehicles.
  • Improved vehicle ground detection.
  • Fixed names with underscores displaying incorrectly.
  • Name censorship.
  • Fixed direct IP connection.
  • Fixed android options saving.

06/03/22 Patch:

  • Fixed server create sliders using wrong values.
  • Improved Bedroom map lighting.
  • Improved cloud materials on Bedroom.
  • Decreased lantern light range & intensity.
  • Fixed hand material changing when emoting.
  • Fixed server IP & port input fields mismatching.
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