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Forge of Realms 2.0 has released! This lays out the new features, and what you can expect for future releases.

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I've spent the past several months undertaking a major refactor of the code base to allow for Loading/Saving Maps. That feature is now in, along with multiple improvements to the graphics and content. To highlight a few new features:

  • Coastal and River graphics greatly improved.
  • Settlement improvements, allowing for specialized names and kingdoms
  • General Naming Improvements (ventured into the Catacombs of the Accursed King, conquer the Unholy Order of Red Cliff, behold the Great Pyramid of Akenmose IV)
  • Multiple terrain types now allowed on the same map, meaning European and Egyptian Kingdoms can co-exist, along with potentially countless others

Forge of Realms: 2.0

On top of these, there are a number of new features I hope to add in the future. In no particular order, these are:

  • Ships sailing between various ports
  • Dynamically generated lore/flavor text for the various cities
  • New Terrain types to fill in the world, including Ice Sheets, Norse, Mediterranean, Jungle, and Volcanic Wasteland
  • New Cultures, including Elves, Vikings, Romans, Mughals, and Lava Dwarves
  • Integrated dynamic loot generator, which would give you culture specific loot, complete with name, lore, effects, and a 3d model
  • Visible Kingdom Borders (if I can make them look good)
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